• Lemon Drop Cake – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner!
  • Mrs Vaporetti

Lemon Drop Cake – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner!

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Lemon Drop Cake – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner! 

Vaporetti Says: Ciao Sole! Hello Sun! Tart and tangy, bright and yet cool with just enough sweetness to let you know this is dessert, Signores and Signoras! Lemon drenched layers of cake and filling are sunshine on a plate, or in a vape actually, when you choose our Lemon Drop Cake V-Drops™! Inhale and you can almost feel the sun’s rays warming your skin as the lemon flavor and scent envelops you! Nothing is fresher than a limon and what better way to enjoy it than in our tasty lemon cake flavored V-Drops™!

In hue, Lemon Drop Cake is a mild bronze, clean and clear. Shaking produces mild bubbles that tend to fade quickly. The rotational test shows it to be of an even, smooth and nimble consistently well in line with both Espresso Italiano and Marano Tobacco.Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

The nose of this one is redolent of yellow cake with a strong vanilla note, while — very, very subtly — lemon can definitely be sensed, though it does seem to be lurking far in the background.

The vapor from Lemon Drop Cake indicates that it shares the same moderately PG-heavy ratio that’s evidence in the rest of Vaporetti’s lineup. Low-volume but high-density vapor output is the order of the day, which I personally like better than the opposite — I find it hard to be impressed by exhaling vapor for a solid minute but having to doubt whether or not I really saw it.

The Throat hit from Lemon Drop Cake is a different beast from that of Espresso Italiano — it feels much more gentle, though no less present — because of the flavor, to me it feels more like swallowing a bite of cake than anything. Soft yet solid, and so satisfying without playing rough. That’s probably the power of suggestion for you.

The flavor is just a delight, and I’m saying that as someone who isn’t a rabid devourer of the real, solid article. There’s a lot going on with the flavor of Lemon Drop Cake, from the overt to the subtle, and that’s the mark of a really well crafted flavor.

Right up front is that yellow cake — and I can absolutely taste that that’s what kind of cake it is, too. A little bit buttery, a tiny hint of a bread-like note — and then there’s the vanilla icing, creamy and rich… but then, right on the exhale, there it is — a delicate, tangy lemon, like it was just waiting for the others to finish before tying all the rest together.

I hate to do this twice in one review, but it’s my sincere opinion that Lemon Drop Cake absolutelyearns…

  • Mrs Vaporetti
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