• Espresso Italiano V-drops E-liquid – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner 2014!
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Espresso Italiano V-drops E-liquid – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner 2014!



Espresso Italiano – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner!ESPRESSO ITALIANO VDROPS

Let’s take these in alphabetical order, and begin with Espresso Italiano.

Vaporetti Says: Strong, dark and rich, our Vaporetti® Espresso V-Drops™ bring you all the notes of a deep shot of espresso, melting warmth over your tongue with a delightful yet slightly bitter aftertaste and an aroma that will make you feel like you are standing in an Italian coffee bar shouting for another “Caffé’!” Perfect way to morning vape.”


In hue, this liquid is a deep, deep brown, though it remains clean and clear in consistency. Based on its quick and nimble movement in the rotational test, which is doable in the bottle, I would guess that the PG/VG ratio on these liquids favors PG pretty strongly, perhaps as little as 60/40 or as much as 70/30.Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

The nose on this is powerful Espresso with just a hint of cream and sugar. I don’t detect the bitterness that Vaporetti’s description indicates when it comes to the nose; instead, I get just a whole lot of dark, dark Espresso — and not just “coffee”, but honest-to-God Espresso.

Vapor output from this stuff is really interesting, and it’s part of the reason I estimate the VG ratio to be only around 40 percent, but definitely not as little as 20. The visual output of the vapor isn’t big, but it is dense. Flavor carriage is also pretty potent in the vapor; but without the slightest hint of tobacco —and an overwhelming Espresso scent —, you won’t have to worry about vaping this around nonsmokers/nonvapers. You might get complaints from people who don’t like the smell of Espresso… but if such mythical creatures as that actually exist, I have yet to encounter one.

If you’ve had Espresso and you know what that Espresso punch in the brain feels like, you’ll love the throat hit on this. It isn’t shocking, exactly, in its abruptness and power, but it’s damned close to that. You won’t have to chain vape to get satisfaction from this liquid when it comes to throat hit — you’ll feelevery drag.

Now, while I didn’t experience any bitterness on the nose of Espresso Italiano, I do get that, rather than the ‘sweet’ perception I got from the nose, when it comes to the flavor. As one of those daring individuals who like a double shot of the strongest stuff I can get, I can tell you with no small measure of authority that Vaporetti has nailed that flavor with this liquid.

Frankly, as authentic an Espresso flavor as Vaporetti has achieved here, I almost feel let down that thereisn’t caffeine in this stuff. As it is, this liquid is just amazingly good.

  • Mrs Vaporetti
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