• The Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes
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The Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes have gained tremendous popularity over the last several years, as they provide an inexpensive way to enjoy nicotine without smoke.  They're frequently used as stop-smoking aids or by smokers who want a way to get a nicotine fix in non-smoking environments such as airports, hospitals, and restaurants.  
There are several notable advantages to electronic cigarettes.  They work by pushing small amounts of nicotine into vaporization chambers, creating a thin, pleasant-tasting vapor.  Because this vapor dissipates in a matter of seconds, it's not harmful or bothersome to people around the user, so electronic cigarettes are excepted from most state and city smoking bans.  There's no smoke and very few of the harmful chemicals that make smoking such a dangerous habit.  Some studies have suggested that electronic cigarette vapor carries far fewer carcinogens than cigarette smoke, so electronic cigarettes are thought to be relatively safe.
Many electronic cigarette manufacturers offer cartridges with differing amounts of nicotine, so heavy and light smokers can select a proper cartridge.  If a smoker is using an electronic cigarette to quit, the strength of the cartridges can be gradually tapered off to reduce the user's dependence on nicotine.  Some manufacturers even provide nicotine-free cartridges, which can help smokers get over the oral fixation that many attach to the process of smoking.  As electronic cigarettes resemble the shape, look and feel of traditional cigarettes, they're discreet and can be easily and comfortably used in public.
Electronic cigarette cartridges are inexpensive and each cartridge can last for over a day, depending on usage.  E-cigarettes are also very low maintenance.  Batteries occasionally need to be replaced, although many electronic cigarettes come with rechargeable batteries.  They don't even need to be cleaned, although it's a good idea to invest in a mouthpiece cover.
Smokers have been stigmatized for the last several decades, but electronic cigarettes offer an excellent way around smoking bans and a relatively safe way to gradually stop smoking.  They're an effective nicotine delivery system and a great example of how new technology can make smokers' lives easier.
Written by Dave Barley
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