Vaporetti E-liquid


Vaporetti® V-Drops™  Premium USA made E-liquid is specifically handcrafted to satisfy the palette of true vaping connoisseurs and their cultivated passion for only the most authentic tasting e-juice/e-liquid available.  What makes Vaporetti® V-Drops™ taste just like the real thing is that they are made with the real thing

The foundation for all Vaporetti® V-Drops™ flavors begins with only premium 100% USA-made ingredients and natural flavorings. Vaporetti® V-Drops™ are never overly sweet or chemical tasting.  No matter what flavor you choose, Vaporetti® V-Drops™ taste so realistic you will truly believe you are vaping the real thing. For more information click here to see our V-Drops Q&A page.


Great news for Vaporetti!  Spinfuel Magazine Awarded us with 2 Spinfuel Choice Awards for 2014 along with more great reviews for our Premium E-Liquid flavors.http://content.spinfuel.com/choice-awards/





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